ADAPT'15 workshop program

List of accepted publications

  • A Self-adaptive Auto-scaling Method for Scientific Applications on HPC Environments and Clouds
    Kiran Mantripragada1, Alecio Binotto1 and Leonardo Tizzei2
    1 IBM Research - Brazil
    2 IBM Brazil

  • Self-Repairing Disk Arrays
    Jehan-Francois Paris1, Ahmed Amer2, Darrell Long3 and Thomas Schwarz4
    1 University of Houston, USA
    2 Santa Clara University, USA
    3 University of California, Santa Cruz
    4 Universidad Catolica Del Uruguay, Uruguay

  • Adapting Graph Application Performance Via Alternate Data Structure Representations
    Amlan Kusum, Iulian Neamtiu and Rajiv Gupta
    University Of California, Riverside

  • Automatic Tuning of Local Memory Use on GPGPUs
    Tianyi David Han and Tarek Abdelrahman
    University of Toronto, Canada

  • Easy-to-Use On-the-Fly Binary Program Acceleration on Many-Cores
    Marvin Damschen and Christian Plessl
    University of Paderborn, Germany

  • Performance comparison between Java and JNI for optimal implementation of computational micro-kernels
    Nassim Halli1 , Henri-Pierre Charles2 and Jean-François Mehaut3
    1 Aselta-nanographics, France
    2 CEA-LIST, France
    3 Université de Grenoble, France

  • Adaptive and application dependent runtime guided hardware prefetcher reconfiguration on the IBM POWER7
    David Prat Robles, Marc Casas Guix, Miquel Moretó Planas and Mateo Valero I Cortés
    Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Spain